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EMC RecoverPoint for Virtual Machines (RP4VM) Part 3: Connecting vRPA Clusters.

This is the next post about configuring of EMC RecoverPoint for Virtual Machines (RP4VM). I showed how to set up environment before deploying RP4VM. I described also how to create vRPA clusters necessary for replicating virtual machines. This post covers how to connect already created vRPA clusters to be able to replicate VMs between sites (vCenter). To connect… Read More »

What's new in EMC RecoverPoint for Virtual Machines (VMs) 4.3?

Today EMC released the next version of RecoverPoint for Virtual Machines VMs - 4.3. This is a solution that allows replicating virtual machines with virtual machine level granularity. There are another similar solutions such VMware Site Recovery Manager (SRM) with vSphere/array replication or Zerto Virtual Replication. I wrote some posts about RecoverPoint for VMs 4.1: How to deploy… Read More »

How to deploy and configure EMC RecoverPoint for Virtual Machines 4.2? Part 2: Create a vRPA Cluster

In this part of deploying RecoverPoint for Virtual Machines 4.2, I will show how to create and configure vRPA Cluster. Before creating a vRPA Cluster, please ensure that the following prerequisites are met: Installing the RecoverPoint for VMs splitter on each ESXi host in the ESXi cluster. Configuring Software iSCSI Adapters on every ESXi host. Deploying vRPAs using… Read More »