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FTF 013: Update NSX-T module on ESXi hosts

Last week I needed to do an update of NSX-T 3.0 to 3.0.2. The update process is simple and straightforward but I faced a small issue. When I wanted to do the update of ESXi hosts I received the following error on only hosts with vSphere on usb/sd card installed. Install of offline bundle failed on host... No… Read More »

New features with NSX-T 3.0 - Federation and Kubernetes on vSphere

VMware released NSX-T 3.0 today with some interesting features. In my opinon, the most important are below: Modern Apps Networking: NSX-T for vSphere with Kubernetes, container networking and security enhancements. Cloud-scale Networking: NSX Federation. NSX-T Federation NSX-T 3.0 introduces Federation - a possibility to connect many NSX-T instances with below benefits: Consistent Policy Configuration and Enforcement. Simplified DR. Operational simplicity… Read More »

FTF 009: Cross-vCenter NSX - reorganizing

Recently I have had a task to reorganize NSX Cross vCenter domains - Primary and Secondary environments. My customer had eight vCenter with NSX - four pairs of Primary and Secondary. As you probably know or you can check on VMware page, benefits of Cross-vCenter NSX: Increased span of NSX logical networks. The same logical networks are available… Read More »