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vRealize Log Insight overview: Architecture, deployment and integration with other products.

I wrote some posts about vROps - vRealize Operations Manager (aka vCOPs). Now we know how to deploy and configure vRealize Operations Manager and if necessary how to migrate vCOps to vROps. I showed how to deploy Hyperic Server and integrate with Operations Manager. Hyperic server is a component used to monitoring 3rd applications or devices. For example,… Read More »

How to monitor NetApp Filers using vRealize Operations Manager (vROps)?

In this post I will show how to use vRealize Hyperic Server + plugin to monitor NetApp Filers via vRealize Operations Manager (vROps). You will find answers for the following topics/questions: Prerequisites to monitor NetApp via vRealize Hyperic Server. How to install and configure NetApp plugin for vRealize Hyperic Server? Overview of available metrics for monitoring NetApp. How… Read More »

vRealize Infrastructure Navigator (VIN): Installation and integration with vRealize Operations Manager.

Recently I have done some vRealize Operations Manager (vROps) POCs. Depending on version/license of vROps there are some components you can deploy: vRealize Operations Manager vRealize Infrastructure Navigator vRealize Hyperic Server vRealize Configuration Manager vRealize LogInsight In this post let's discuss vRealize Infrastructure Navigator and focus on the following areas: vRealize Infrastructure Navigator architecture and main features vRealize… Read More »