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Useful tools on how to troubleshoot Virtual SAN (vSAN)

During VMworld this year, I attended at nice session on vSAN troubleshooting tips. There are some tools that help us to find a root of problem: esxcli RVC Health Check vSAN Observer vRealize Operations Manager vRealize Log Insight esxcli There are some commands as below examples: esxcli vsan network list - Verify which VMkernel adapters are used for… Read More »

NetBackup Accelerator for NDMP for NetApp Filers - Overview.

NetBackup 7.7.1 introduced some new features and one of them was Accelerator for NDMP for NetApp Filers. Accelerator improves full backup performance by only transferring changed blocks between backups and NetBackup Media Server combines changed blocks with previous backup to create synthetic full. Let's uncover the following topics: How Accelerator works with NDMP backups for NetApp filers? What… Read More »