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How to install and clone nested ESXi VM?

Last week I needed to prepare a small VMware test environment for my customer as I did a my customized VMware ICM training 🙂 I prepared nested ESXi VMs based on two main steps: Creating a VM with ESXi OS and adding two parameters into VM vmx file. Reconfiguring Virtual Switch/Port Group where ESXi VM will be connected.… Read More »

Perennial reservation: long boot time of esxi host

Within last year, I have been asked by my customers or I have had to do the troubleshooting many times why ESXi hosts 5.x need much time to boot. More often the reason of slow booting were caused by RDM used by Microsoft Cluster Services (MSCS). Why? Because the active node has persistent SCSI reservation on the attached… Read More »

How to change forgotten root password on ESXi?

As you can read here it is not possible to recover the root password on ESXi. Generally if you forget root password... you have to reinstall ESXi host. But the question is: is it always necessary? Fortunately NO! If your ESXi hosts are added to vCenter you can use Host Profiles (available in Enterprise + license) to change… Read More »