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What is Storage Queue Depth (QD) and why is it so important?

By | July 26, 2016

Storage is one of the most critical resources in vSphere environment. There are some important parameters during design of storage that should be taken into consideration such as block size,  disk types, required I/O, bandwidth etc. The mentioned parameters generally are used to design a storage but unfortunately, there is one important thing that can be overlooked. This… Read More »

What is and how to configure VMware vSphere Flash Read Cache (vFRC)?

By | March 3, 2015

This post covers a feature introduced in vSphere 5.5 - VMware vSphere Flash Read Cache (vFRC). VMware vSphere Flash Read Cache (vFRC) is a feature that provides server side read cache from local solid-state devices (SSDs - PCIe flash cards or solid-state drives). By using local flash storage, vFRC creates a large, low latency read cache which can… Read More »

VASA and VAAI - important vSphere features?

By | February 8, 2015

This post covers two important vSphere features: VMware vSphere API for Array Integration (VAAI) and VMware vSphere API for Storage Awareness (VASA). After reading this post, you will know answers for the following questions: What is VAAI and what does this feature require? How to determine if my storage supports VAAI? What are the fundamental operations used VAAI?… Read More »