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Tools for monitoring and deleting VMware snapshots

Recently we have discussed about snapshot best practices and recommendations. In this article I will show how to monitor and detect (orphaned) snapshots. Nowadays, I think everybody has faced at least once with problems caused by snapshots (or orphaned snapshot). These problem could be: Low performance of VM Disk consolidation needed Out of space on datastore Corrupted VM… Read More »

VMware snapshots - best practices and recommendations

Recently I had a long discussion with my customer about problems in their VMware environment. We needed to find a solution for the below problems (almost) caused by snapshots: Insufficient disk space on datastore Problem with the backup of VMs Problem with VMs performance During our conversation and my investigation of VMware infrastructure I noted such important things:… Read More »

Virtual machine powers off and causes file lock

Recently my customer has faced a problem with VM which was powered off by NetBackup snapshot and the VM was not possible to be powered on because of error: Failed to lock the file. Some errors confirming that  VM was powered off during creating NetBackup snapshots: As shown on above screenshot, there were 2 errors. Let's focus on… Read More »