TFD11 - Long awaited features in the next version of Zerto

By | July 9, 2016

Zerto was one of presenters during Tech Field Day 11 (TFD11) in Boston. Its product is a Business Continuity (BC) and Disaster Recovery (DR) solution for virtual environments - VMs replication between data centers. Joshua Stenhouse (Technology Evangelist) presented 3 different use cases of customers, showed demos and feature plans for Q4 2016. All of the video recordings are available at Tech Field Day.

Just for a quick reminder on Zerto main features:

  • Cross Hypervisor Support - VMware <--> Hyper-V
  • DRaaS to Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Snapshots are not used
  • Recovery Point Objective (RPO) โ€“ seconds. (async replication available)
  • Storage-agnostic - any storage supported by VMware/Hyper-V (including FC, FCoE, iSCSI, NAS, and DAS) is supported by Zerto
  • Orchestration of DR workflows, including test, failover and failback of a single VM or VMs group
  • Zerto can replicate source RDMs (Raw Device Mappings) to target VMDKs and source VMDKs to target RDMs
  • Checkpoints every 5 seconds and on demand. VSS checkpoints available as well
  • File-level restore

If you are not familiar with Zerto Architecture please follow my post here.

Whatโ€™s planned for Q4 2016?
  • DRaaS to Microsoft Azure - at first VMware/Hyper-V --> Azure
  • Journal 1 month
  • One to many replication: protect a vm to multi sites
  • Mobile App - SaaS delivered app to view multi Zerto Virtual Managers (ZVMs) - monitoring only

Journal extended to 1 monthZerto - journal 1 month

Current version of Zerto 4.5 supports Journal (compression available) max 14 days. It's not so bad, however 1 month will let us to use a local replica (to different datastore built on another storage array) as a good backup solution. We will able to restore quickly whole VMs or specific files from checkpoint done every 5 seconds (granular recovery was introduced in Zerto 4.5 and available only for Windows files and SQL, Exchange and Oracle). Journal can be useful e.g. in the fight against malicious software ๐Ÿ™‚ as Joshua showed (use case 2).

One to many replication and one to many platforms

This is my (and customers) long awaited feature - to be able to configure one to many replication. The next version of Zerto will support three types of replica - local, remote or multi-remote. A VM can be added to max three VPGs. Unfortunately, still we will not able to configure the cascading replication e.g. Site A --> Site B --> Site C.

  • Local and remoteZerto - local and remote replica
  • Local, DRC and CloudZerto - multi replicaWe will able to configure one to many platforms replication:ย  VMware, Microsoft Hyper-V or Azure, Amazon AWS and Zerto Cloud Service Provider Network. e.g. we can configure replication from VMware environment to:
    • local - VMware, different datastore
    • remote - Microsoft Hyper-V
    • cloud - Amazon AWS

Currently, there is a limitation during recover of VMs. If we add some VMs into a VPG, we have to failover all VMs in the VPG. Fortunately, the limitation will be solved in the next version of Zerto and we will able to recover individual VMs.

Zerto does a great job - simple, powerful tool to provide DR for virtual environments. I'm looking forward to testing the next version of product in my lab!

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