How to upgrade NSX 6.x? Part 2 - update Clusters.

By | September 4, 2015

After upgrading NSX Manager to version 6.1.2, you must update the appropriate clusters in your environment. During this process, each host in the cluster receives a software update and is then rebooted.

  1. Log in to the vCenter Web Client.
  2. Click Networking & Security and then click Installation.
  3. Click the Management tab.
  4. Next to the NSX Manager, click Upgrade Available. It will perform the upgrade of your controllers.How to upgrade NSX 6.x Part 2 - update Clusters
  5. When the upgrade of controllers are done, click the Host Preparation tab.
  6. Next to each cluster please click Update or Install. As shown on the below figure, the upgrade has been done on the Management Cluster (Ready).How to upgrade NSX 6.x Part 2 - update Clusters 2
  7. When the Host Preparation is done, the last step is upgrading Edges. Click NSX Edges and for each NSX Edge instance, select Upgrade Version from the Actions menu.  How to upgrade NSX 6.x Part 2 - update Clusters 3

The NSX upgrade should be easy and relaxing as well 🙂

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