FTF 004: VMware NSX - The Upgrade Version operation failed

By | February 1, 2018

Recently during updating one of NSX environment from version 6.3.3 to 6.3.5 I faced the following error:

The Upgrade Version operation failed for the entity with the following message. Cluster/ResourcePool Resources needs to be prepared for network fabric to upgrade edge Edge-xxx

I checked a cluster where mentioned EDGE was running (btw. properly, all services worked without issues) I found out that the cluster was not prepared for NSX - it means no modules were installed and no VXLAN interfaces prepared. Certainly the cluster had to be prepared before installing NSX (e,g, deploying EDGE in the past) however looks like NSX let uninstall modules from cluster even Edge are still running on the cluster.

The mentioned problem has been solved by preparing again cluster for NSX.

However in my opinion it should be corrected in the later version. Two options:

  • just to allow to keep Edge running without prepared cluster only if Edge is not using Logical Switches (e.g. Edge for IPSEC, gateway for physical networks)
  • or does not allow to uninstall modules until all Edges are removed.

Useful links

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