What's new in VMware VSAN 6.2?

By | March 16, 2016

On September 2015 VMware released VSAN 6.1. VMware has just announced the newest version of VSAN - 6.2 (I think it will be released in March)! VMware really works hard to improve VSAN...

This version provides some long-awaited features and improvements as follows:

  • Space efficiency - deduplication (fixed block 4KB) and compression (after deduplication, only block than can be compressed under 2KB). Blocks are deduplicated when de-staging from cache tier to capacity tier as shown on the below figure. This feature is enabled on a cluster level, available for all flash VSAN only and is supported with stretch clusters and ROBO edition - features introduced in VSAN 6.1.VSAN 6.2 - deduplication and compression
  • RAID-5 (FTT=1) and RAID-6 (FTT=2) Erasure Coding - saving around 30% space and available only for all flash VSAN.
  • VSAN Quality of Service (QOC) - per VMDK IOP limits.VSAN 6.2 - QOS feature
  • Support for pure IPv6.
  • Software checksum (CRC32 algorithm is used). Two level of scrubbing: component and object levels scrubbings.
  • Client Cache.
  • Sparse Swap - an advanced host level option to enable the reclaiming of space dedicated to memory. Useful for VDI.
  • Enhanced VSAN performance and capacity monitoring.VSAN 6.2 - Monitoring
  • Enhanced Health service.

Update 15.03.2016: VMware released VSAN 6.2. For more information, please follow the Release Notes.

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