What's new in Veritas - Symantec NetBackup 7.7?

By | January 2, 2016

The NetBackup 7.7 has been released today!

What's new in NetBackup 7.7? The main features are as follows:

  • SQL Server Intelligent Policy - Batch files do not need to be created for backups because they are automatically generated at run-time. For more information please follow this post: How to use SQL Intelligent Policy?
  • Hyper-V Intelligent Policy
  • Support for the backup and restore of the following General Parallel File System
    (GPFS) metadata attributes: storage pools, metadata replication, and data replication.
  • Security updates to the NetBackup database
  • User interface enhancements - Starting with version 7.7, NetBackup no longer includes a native Windows version of the NetBackup Administration Console. Instead, the Java-based version of the console has been updated and enhanced to provide unified performance and functionality across all supported Windows and UNIX platforms.
  • NetApp cDOT filer support (Replication Director as well)
  • No NetBackup Search
  • Enhancement of Instant Recovery (IR) in NetBackup plug-in for VMware vSphere Web Client.
  • NetBackup Add-in for Microsoft SCVMM Console (you can use the NetBackup Add-in to recover/monitor virtual machines from NetBackup backup images)

For more information and other product guides please follow Sort for Symantec 7.7.

NetBackup 7.7 documentation (.zip) is also available here.

Update: NetBackup 7.7.1 is out already...

Author: Mariusz

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