vCenter Hyperic Server - integration with vCenter Operations Manager

By | October 1, 2014

In this article, I will show how to integrate vCenter Hyperic with vCenter Operations Manager. This is a continuation of the previous article: How to deploy vCenter Hyperic Server.

  1. Log in to Hyperic UI: https://IP_address:7443
  2. Click Administration --> HQ Server Settings.


  1. Type vCenter IP address and credentials (admin).


  1. Click OK to save settings.
  2. Login in to vCenter Operations Manager admin UI: https://IP_address/admin
  3. Click tab: Update, browse Hyperic Pack for vcops (available on, accept the terms.. and click OK.hyperic_pack
  4. Log in to vCenter Operations Manager Custom UI: https://IP_address/vcops-custom
  5. Click Environment --> Configuration --> Adapter Instances.


  1. Drop down:
  • Collector: vCenter Operations Standard Server
  • Adapter Kind: MP for Hyperic

and click icon shown on the below screenshot:


  1. Please type:
  • Adapter Instance Name: whatever you want to
  • Hyperic Server URL
  • vCenter Operations Manager URL

If you have self-signed certificate for vCops and Hyperic, you have to select:

  • Certification Verification: false
  • Host Name Verification: false


  1. Please test configuration.


Note: If you have self-signed certificates and Certification and Host Name Verification are set true, the validation test fails:


  1. Click OK to save settings.
  2. Click Environment --> Environment Overview --> Adapter Instances --> MP for Hyperic Instance.


  1. The vCops and Hyperic integration is done. Now you need to wait when the data collection is finished.
Author: Mariusz

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