VCDX Mentor Program

By | February 8, 2015

What is this?

This process helps a candidate determine if the candidate, documentation and presentation are ready for presentation by the candidate to a customer.”

– John Y. Arrasjid, VCDX#1

This is a program (volunteer) to help VCDX candidates for achieving the highest VMware certificate. The main goals are to:

  • provide 3-4 months of mentoring assistance for each candidate who requests a mentor (VCDX volunteers)
  • increase the number of candidates who understand the methodology and achive VCDX


Main pre-requisites

A Candidate has to complete:

  • VCAP Admin and VCAP Design certifications in the VCDX track for which the candidate is defending.
  • Preparation of design documents.
  • Application form.

For more information, please follow the VCDX handbook and application available in


In Scope

  • Up to 4 hours a month of mentoring via email and phone/skype.
  • Use below tools with the candidate to help on ensuring a complete design and that they understand key design decisions and design patterns.


The most important tools are:

Design Review Readiness Assessment Workbook (DDRAW) :

e.g. it is a review that helps a candidate understand their level of readiness to defend a design.

Discovery Phase Survey Questions & Workbook (DPSQW):

e.g. provides examples of survey questions that an architect uses to draw out information from stakeholders and staff. It also provides examples of questions that can be used during a Design Scenario or a Troubleshooting Scenario.

Design Decision Workbook (DDW):

e.g. provides a mechanism for an architect to track design decisions made and design patterns used.


Out of Scope

  • Detailed technical design review, or guidance.
  • Changing details within the design documents.


Mentor Rules

The Mentor can:

  •     Assist in using the tools described previously.
  •     Assist in reviewing and making recommendations on a presentation.
  •     Provide up to 4 hours of support per month for a  3 or 4 months.
  •     Participate in mock defenses without compromising other rules described here and within the panelist   handbook.

The Mentor can not:

  •     Conduct a technical review of a design.
  •     Assist in working technical changes to a design.
  •     Share scoring rubric details for a VCDX panel defense.
  •     Share active scenarios.
  •     Rewrite a design.



Of course, there are NO guarantees that a mentoring program guarantee you will pass.

How to participate?

If you are preparing to the VCDX and you would like to participate in VCDX Mentor program, please contact with John Arrasjid (#VCDX1) via twitter:


Disclaimer: The post is based on VCDX Mentor Program version "April 24 2014". The program is still evolving

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