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vCenter Hyperic Server - integration with vCenter Operations Manager

In this article, I will show how to integrate vCenter Hyperic with vCenter Operations Manager. This is a continuation of the previous article: How to deploy vCenter Hyperic Server. Log in to Hyperic UI: https://IP_address:7443 Click Administration --> HQ Server Settings. Type vCenter IP address and credentials (admin). Click OK to save settings. Login in to vCenter Operations… Read More »

How to deploy vCenter Hyperic Server?

In this article I will show how to deploy vCenter Hyperic Server 5.8.2. As you can find on vmware.com: VMware vCenter Hyperic is a component of the VMware vCenter Operations Management Suite. It monitors operating systems, middleware and applications running in physical, virtual and cloud environments. The architeture of vCenter Hyperic and integration with vCenter Operations Management is… Read More »