SRM replicated datastores with the snap prefix

By | August 23, 2015

I've done many SRM implementations since version 1.x and always there was the same "esthetic" problem: SRM renames replicated datastore with the snap prefix after recovery.

Fortunately since SRM 5.x it is possible to change the behavior via GUI:

SRM snap prefix

The option is not checked by default so I recommend to check it.

To access the advanced settings for Site Recovery Manager (SRM):

  1.     From the vSphere Client within the Site Recovery Manager Plug-in, select Sites.
  2.     Right-click the applicable site and click Advanced Settings. The navigation window opens.
  3.     In the navigation window, select StorageProvider.
  4.     Select the storageProvider.fixRecoveredDatastoreNames check box.
  5.     Click OK to save settings.


If you still use SRM 4x, you have to edit the vmware-dr.xml file (located in the C:\Program Files\Site Recovery Manager\Config):

Find line:


Change it to:


Update Dec 2014: Site Recovery Manager 5.8 or later is supported only via Web Client. Please follow the below steps:

  1. In the vSphere Web Client, click Site Recovery --> Sites, and select a site. Then on the Manage tab, click Advanced Settings.
  2. Click Storage Provider and edit it.
  3. Find the option: Force removal, upon successful completion of a recovery, of the snap-xx prefix applied to recovered datastore names. The default value is false so select the storageProvider.fixRecoveredDatastoreNames check box.
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