How to reset root password on vCenter Appliance 5.5?

Recently I have had to use my lab but unfortunately I forgot root password to vCenter Appliance 😀 However, fortunately, the vCenter Appliance is a Linux distribution, so it was not a difficult to change the root password. To change the root password, please follow the steps: Reboot the vCSA using the vSphere Client. When the GRUB bootloader… Read More »

EMC VPLEX: Architecture Overview

In this article we talk about storage virtualization solution - EMC VPLEX. VPLEX supports both EMC storage arrays from other storage vendors, such as HDS, HP, and IBM. VPLEX supports operating systems including both physical and virtual server environments with VMware ESX and Microsoft Hyper-V. VPLEX supports network fabrics from Brocade and Cisco, including legacy McData SANs. VPLEX… Read More »

Tools for monitoring and deleting VMware snapshots

Recently we have discussed about snapshot best practices and recommendations. In this article I will show how to monitor and detect (orphaned) snapshots. Nowadays, I think everybody has faced at least once with problems caused by snapshots (or orphaned snapshot). These problem could be: Low performance of VM Disk consolidation needed Out of space on datastore Corrupted VM… Read More »

VMware Data Protection - Replication Target (VDP-RT)

In this article we discuss the VMware Data Protection - Replication Target (VDP-RT) introduced with the VDP 5.8 release. This is an appliance (not required license) to serve as a replication target for backup data from a source VDP Advanced or another VDP-RT appliance. A VDP-RT appliance can perform restores (only, no backups) from replicated backup data. There are… Read More »