Error connecting to /bin/vmx process and cannot open a local pipe to local virtual machine

By | April 16, 2015

Today, when I wanted to power one my virtual machine, I got the following error:

An error was received from the ESX host while powering on MK_SIM.

Connection error while establishing connection (11): Error connecting to /bin/vmx process. Cannot open a local pipe to local virtual machine '/vmfs/volumes/....

Under investigating I realized that there was a VM process on my ESXi host:Error connecting to process and cannot open a local pipe to local virtual machineI killed the above process by runningĀ kill 168482 and I could power on the VM.

So steps to solve the problem:

  1. Log in to ESXi host via SSH (how to enable SSH, please follow here).
  2. Run command ps | grep name_of_vm.
  3. Then kill the process nr that you received in the step 2. kill id.
Author: Mariusz

Architect (~ 15 years experience based on passion...) with strong background as a System Administrator and Engineer. Focused on Data Center Solutions: Virtualization/Cloud Computing and Storage/Backup Systems. Currently living in Poland.

6 thoughts on “Error connecting to /bin/vmx process and cannot open a local pipe to local virtual machine

  1. Paul Greeff

    Great! Any reason why this occured in the first place? I'd like to be sure there isn't something wrong with my VM resulting in this problem.

    1. Mariusz Post author

      Hi Paul,

      in my case, even I powered off VM, I could find VM's process on ESXi host. Looks like there was something wrong with my ESXi host not VM. Unfortunately, I was not able to reproduce this issue again.

  2. Brian

    Mine was related to an active backup job running on Veeam locking that file. Unknown to me at the time.

  3. SRK

    After following these steps, i am not getting any error but In Progress bar hangs indefinitely..
    What to do?

    1. Mariusz Post author

      Are you sure you have killed processes? Have you checked the progress bar via vCenter or directly on ESXi host? Sometimes vCenter does not refresh.

  4. SRK

    Progress bar hanged 15- 20 mins , then i migrated the VM to another ESXi host. VM powered on successfully.

    Thanks a billion for the solution...

    Abdul Mohsin.


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