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VMware NSX 6.2 features: Cross-vCenter Networking and Security.

In August, VMware released NSX 6.2 with some new features. One of them is Cross-vCenter Networking and Security that I would like to discuss. In this post you can find the following info: Overview of Cross-vCenter Networking and Security. Cross-vCenter NSX Topologies. Cross-vCenter components. Cross-vCenter benefits. Cross-vCenter Networking and Security feature was designed for environments where you can… Read More »

What's new in VMware NSX 6.2?

Some days ago VMware released NSX 6.2. NSX 6.2 + vSphere 6.0 support Cross vCenter NSX. It means that you can deploy logical switches (LS), distributed logical routers (DLR) and distributed firewalls (DFW) across multiple vCenters. Yesterday when I was reading about new features in VMware Site Recovery Manager (SRM) 6.1 I found out that SRM 6.1 supports… Read More »