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NetBackup - File Backup and Restore Optimizations - Part 1

By | February 27, 2016

It's not a seldom situation when backups of file server need some tuning and reconfiguration. NetBackup provides some unique and standard features as well to speed up the file server backup. In this post I will show what kind of features we can use for optimization: Multiple Data Streaming Multiplexing Synthetic backups Deduplication NetBackup Accelerator Auto Image Replication… Read More »

Understanding the NetBackup Catalog

By | March 29, 2016

NetBackup Catalog is a place where information about the NetBackup configuration and backups are stored such as records of the files that have been backed up and media where those files copied. NetBackup Catalog is kept on the NetBackup master server and consists of the following components: The NetBackup configuration files such as policies, schedules - flat files.… Read More »

NetBackup version comparison

By | December 9, 2016

This post provides a comparison of main features of NetBackup versions 7.0-8.0. Note: Some features can be available since release updates e.g. 7.7.1 / 7.7.2 This post is based on following guides: NetBackup 7.0 - What's New and Version Comparison Matrix NetBackup 7.1 - What’s New and Version Comparison Matrix NetBackup 7.5 - What's New and Version Comparison… Read More »