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How to install and clone nested ESXi VM?

Last week I needed to prepare a small VMware test environment for my customer as I did a my customized VMware ICM training 🙂 I prepared nested ESXi VMs based on two main steps: Creating a VM with ESXi OS and adding two parameters into VM vmx file. Reconfiguring Virtual Switch/Port Group where ESXi VM will be connected.… Read More »

What's new in VMware VSAN 6.2?

On September 2015 VMware released VSAN 6.1. VMware has just announced the newest version of VSAN - 6.2 (I think it will be released in March)! VMware really works hard to improve VSAN... This version provides some long-awaited features and improvements as follows: Space efficiency - deduplication (fixed block 4KB) and compression (after deduplication, only block than can… Read More »