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How to accelerate (speed up) vMotion?

Nowadays, most of servers have been virtualized and I can't imagine work without vMotion in my datacenter. Using vMotion, I can move (migrate) VMs between ESXi hosts without interruption. Increasing configured RAM of VMs causes vMotion needs time to be completed. So in this article we discuss how to improve/speed up vMotion. Best Practices for vMotion Networking: Dedicate… Read More »

What is vPC Host Mode Pinning for Nexus 1000v?

Recently I have been done a migration from vSS to the Cisco Nexus 1000v switch. My customer wanted to reconfigure network (uplinks) because some of ESXi uplinks  had been configured as active-standby in VSS because there were uplinks connected to the upstream switches (two old catalyst separate switches, no stackable) not supported multi-chassis Etherchannel (MEC). The VSS active-standby is… Read More »