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Where is my vCenter VM?

If you have a big VMware infrastructure and need to solve any problem with vCenter VM, it is not a seldom problem that it is difficult to know where (exactly, on which ESXi host) the VM is located. How to mitigate that problem? Generally, depends on size of infrastructure, I recommend two options: Dedicated Management Cluster The Management… Read More »

Based on the current configuration, the SSL certificate of the authentication server was not trusted.

The following error: can happen when you change the network identification for the vCenter Server Appliance (by default, certificate is generated for something like localhost.localhost) To resolve this issue, toggle the certificate settings. To toggle the certificate settings: Log in to the vCenter Server Appliance Web interface at https://hostname:5480/. Click the Admin tab. Regenerate certificates: vCenter Server 5.1:… Read More »