What's new for VMware in NetBackup 7.6.1?

Symantec has just released the newest version of NetBackup - 7.6.1. There are some new features for VMware backups: NetBackup Plug-in for VMware vSphere Web Client The plug-in allows virtualization administrators to access the following functionality directly from within the vSphere Web Client administration console: Monitoring and reporting of VM backups Self-service restores of VMs To deploy and… Read More »

What is EMC ScaleIO? Architecture overview.

EMC ScaleIO is a software-only server-based storage area network (SAN) that converges storage and compute resources to form a single-layer. It uses existing local disks and LANs so that the host can realize a virtual SAN with all the benefits of external storage. The ScaleIO software consists of three software components: Meta Data Manager (MDM) - Configures and… Read More »

How to restore VMware VMs backups by NetBackup?

As described here, NetBackup provides nice features to protect VMware. In the previous article here, I showed how to create a VMware policy in NetBackup. Therefore, in this article we discuss how to restore VMs because NetBackup provides an powerfull interface/tool to perform restores. NetBackup supports the following scenarios: Restore the full VMware virtual machine Restore individual files… Read More »