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How to publish Root CA into the trusted store in VMware Endpoint Certificate Store?

Recently during preparing a new vSphere environment based on 6.0 U2 version and replacing certificates I got some problems and found the following error in certificate-manager.log: "Error while publishing cert using dir-cli." dir-cli allows to create and update solution users, create other user accounts, and manage certificates and passwords in vmdir. It's used together with vecs-cli and certool… Read More »

vSphere HTML5 Web Client - technical preview is out.

Today VMware published the technical preview of vSphere HTML5 Web Client supporting both the vCenter Server Appliance or vCenter for Windows. The current version is not completed as it offers the following actions/views: VM Power Operations (common cases) VM Edit Settings (simple CPU, Memory, Disk changes) VM Console VM and Host Summary pages VM Migration (only to a… Read More »

VMware vSphere 6.0 U2 is out - thoughts.

VMware has just released a long awaited (at least by me 🙂 version of vSphere - 6.0 Update 2. This version introduced officially VMware Host Client and solved an annoying bug regarding to failover VMs affected by Permanent Device Loss (PDF). The VM is left in an invalid state with a warning message stating that Hardware Version 1… Read More »