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vSphere Data Protection Advanced (VDPA) - included in Essentials+ license or higher!

As I mentioned in post about  what’s new in vSphere 6.0, VMware announced that vSphere Data Protection Advanced  will be included in Essentials+ or higher vSphere license! The features of VDPA are as follows: Scale up to 8Tb of deduplication (variable-length and global per appliance) storage as well as 400 VMs per VDP appliance. Support for up to 20 virtual appliances… Read More »

VMware Data Protection - Replication Target (VDP-RT)

In this article we discuss the VMware Data Protection - Replication Target (VDP-RT) introduced with the VDP 5.8 release. This is an appliance (not required license) to serve as a replication target for backup data from a source VDP Advanced or another VDP-RT appliance. A VDP-RT appliance can perform restores (only, no backups) from replicated backup data. There are… Read More »

How to install or upgrade vSphere Data Protection (VDP) 5.8

VMware recently released VMware Data Protection 5.8 with following features: Support the backup and recovery of databases on SQL Server AlwaysOn and Failover Clusters Exchange DAG support (also “prefer passive”) VMware Data Protection Advanced supports VDP Replication Target (VDP-RT) - a fully licensed VDP Advanced virtual appliance can replicate backup data to a VDP Replication Target virtual appliance… Read More »