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Understanding VMware HA Admission Control.

Recently I have been asked by my customers and also blog readers 🙂 about VMware HA Admission Control.  As this topic is often misunderstood, this post covers some information about this important feature of VMware vSphere HA. In this post you will find answers for the following questions: What is Admission Control? What is and how to check… Read More »

VMware vSphere features fundamentals: Business Continuity

In this article I will explain features like: vMotion, HA, Fault Tolerance (FT) and more. It is a not "deepdive" article. I'm going to write the next article which shows deeper about following features:   High Availability (HA) HA monitors ESXi hosts and/or VMs and automatically restarts failed virtual machines on other ESXi hosts when a server failure… Read More »