How to restore VMware VMs backups by NetBackup?

As described here, NetBackup provides nice features to protect VMware. In the previous article here, I showed how to create a VMware policy in NetBackup. Therefore, in this article we discuss how to restore VMs because NetBackup provides an powerfull interface/tool to perform restores. NetBackup supports the following scenarios: Restore the full VMware virtual machine Restore individual files… Read More »

How to install and configure NetBackup plugin for VMware vCenter?

One of new NetBackup feature in 7.6 for VMware is plugin for VMware vCenter. In this article, I will show how to deploy and configure this plugin for monitoring backups of virtual machines. NetBackup Plugin for VMware vCenter provides monitoring and recovering virtual machines backups and deplyed as a virtual appliance (OVF file). It supports only vSphere Client.… Read More »

What is vPC Host Mode Pinning for Nexus 1000v?

Recently I have been done a migration from vSS to the Cisco Nexus 1000v switch. My customer wanted to reconfigure network (uplinks) because some of ESXi uplinks  had been configured as active-standby in VSS because there were uplinks connected to the upstream switches (two old catalyst separate switches, no stackable) not supported multi-chassis Etherchannel (MEC). The VSS active-standby is… Read More »

How to deploy and configure EMC RecoverPoint for Virtual Machines 4.2? Part 1: Set up environment.

As I described in the previous article, EMC RecoverPoint for Virtual Machines allows replicating virtual machines with virtual machine level granularity. This solution runs in VMware virtual environments and does not depend on any specific hardware. We need to prepare VMware environment before installing Recover Point. The prerequisites are as follows: Installing the RecoverPoint for VMs splitter on… Read More »