SRM placeholder datastore design

Recently I was doing a VMware project with 14 HA Clusters (DC) and 8 HA Clusters (DRC) . During the design considerations I wondered how many datastores should be created for Site Recovery Manager (SRM)  placeholders. The placeholder is a file which holds configuration information corresponding to the Protected virtual machines. Following VMware documentation placeholder datastores must meet… Read More »

VCDX Mentor Program

What is this? “This process helps a candidate determine if the candidate, documentation and presentation are ready for presentation by the candidate to a customer.” – John Y. Arrasjid, VCDX#1 This is a program (volunteer) to help VCDX candidates for achieving the highest VMware certificate. The main goals are to: provide 3-4 months of mentoring assistance for each candidate… Read More »

Netbackup Accelerator for VMware backup - Part 1: Introduction

Symantec NetBackup is an enterprise-level backup platform that protects your physical and virtualized servers.  A feature NetBackup Accelerator has been introduced with NetBackup 7.5 for file backups and with version 7.6  for virtual machines running in VMware. What is this? NetBackup Accelerator uses the VMware Changed Block Tracking (CBT) functionality to identify blocks which have been changed since the… Read More »