Cisco Nexus 1000v and vSphere 6.x - inconsistent dvUplinks

Recently during installing and configuring Cisco Nexus 1000v for my customer, I faced a problem where some dvUplinks were inconsistent on ESXi hosts. Even I configured only two adapters for MGMT_UPLINK, some of ESXi host physical adapters were added to differing dvUplink slots. I mean that one host had vmnic0 in UpLink00, but on another host, vmnic0 was… Read More »

vSphere Metro Storage Cluster (vMSC) and partially connected datastores?

vSphere Metro Storage Cluster (vMSC) is a certified (you should always check/verify compatibility on VMware Storage Compatibility Guide) configuration for stretched storage (synchronized replication) cluster architectures. As I already described, there are possible two vMSC configurations based on how the hosts are connected to the storage arrays. The below figure presents uniform host access configuration (the most often… Read More »

Voting is now open for the Top vBlog 2016!

This year again, Eric Siebert from started annual voting for the best VMware & Virtualization blogs (Top vBlog).You can vote for your top 12 favorite VMware & virtualization blogs and also rank them in your order of preference after you pick your 12. My blog can be found in two categories (just click F3 and type Settlersoman and you… Read More »

How to publish Root CA into the trusted store in VMware Endpoint Certificate Store?

Recently during preparing a new vSphere environment based on 6.0 U2 version and replacing certificates I got some problems and found the following error in certificate-manager.log: "Error while publishing cert using dir-cli." dir-cli allows to create and update solution users, create other user accounts, and manage certificates and passwords in vmdir. It's used together with vecs-cli and certool… Read More »

HP Service Pack for ProLiant (SPP) Version 2016.04.0 is out.

HP has released a new version of very useful tool: HP Service Pack for ProLiant (SPP) 🙂 - version 2016.04.0 What is the HP Service Pack for ProLiant? Just for a quick reminder on what the HP Service Pack for ProLiant is: Systems software and firmware solution delivered as a bootable ISO. Solution using HP Smart Update Manager… Read More »