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VMware NSX Endpoint - preparing for antivirus protection

As I already mentioned, since NSX 6.2.3, all vSphere customers with Essential Plus or higher can use NSX Edpoint for antivirus offloaded protection. When you deploy NSX Manager and register it to vCenter, you can find a "NSX for vShield Endpoint" license in the vCenter license inventory: vShield Manager was EOL in September this year so migration (upgrade… Read More »

VMware NSX 6.2 features: Cross-vCenter Networking and Security.

In August, VMware released NSX 6.2 with some new features. One of them is Cross-vCenter Networking and Security that I would like to discuss. In this post you can find the following info: Overview of Cross-vCenter Networking and Security. Cross-vCenter NSX Topologies. Cross-vCenter components. Cross-vCenter benefits. Cross-vCenter Networking and Security feature was designed for environments where you can… Read More »