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What is EMC ScaleIO? Architecture overview.

EMC ScaleIO is a software-only server-based storage area network (SAN) that converges storage and compute resources to form a single-layer. It uses existing local disks and LANs so that the host can realize a virtual SAN with all the benefits of external storage. The ScaleIO software consists of three software components: Meta Data Manager (MDM) - Configures and… Read More »

How to deploy and configure EMC RecoverPoint for Virtual Machines 4.2? Part 1: Set up environment.

As I described in the previous article, EMC RecoverPoint for Virtual Machines allows replicating virtual machines with virtual machine level granularity. This solution runs in VMware virtual environments and does not depend on any specific hardware. We need to prepare VMware environment before installing Recover Point. The prerequisites are as follows: Installing the RecoverPoint for VMs splitter on… Read More »

EMC VPLEX: Architecture Overview

In this article we talk about storage virtualization solution - EMC VPLEX. VPLEX supports both EMC storage arrays from other storage vendors, such as HDS, HP, and IBM. VPLEX supports operating systems including both physical and virtual server environments with VMware ESX and Microsoft Hyper-V. VPLEX supports network fabrics from Brocade and Cisco, including legacy McData SANs. VPLEX… Read More »

NetBackup Replication Director for VMware

Replication Director is the implementation of NetBackup OpenStorage-managed snapshots and snapshot replication, where the snapshots are stored on the storage systems of partnering companies. Replication Director has been introduced in NetBackup 7.5. Main features of Replication Director in NetBackup 7.6: Enables NetBackup to manage NetApp hardware snapshots (currently only this vendor) Leverages OpenStorage technology Replicate snapshots to one… Read More »